Contact Centre Solutions

Kadcorp Indusries is a Contact Centre Solutions Company focused on delivering added value for our clients at each touch point along the customer journey. 

We work alongside national and international firms.

Our strength is in our ability to develop tailor made solutions designed for your operation. We achieve these results through our proprietary approach to campaign development. This includes tailored agent training and development. A state of the art supporting technology backbone. We can provide local and international, high quality solutions that are competitive in price with offshore providers.

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When you need an outsourced call centre service, turn to Kadcorp , whether you want to make customer calls answered quickly and professionally, you require expert assistance with outbound campaigns or you have other specific communication needs, our call centre packages could be exactly what you looking for.


Inbound Call Centre Services, including email and customer services support.

Customer Support

We provide exclusive customer support for our customers including product management services.


Outbound Call Centre Services Dedicated Agents including Direct Marketing Campaigns and Lead Generation

Result Based

As a business process outsourcing service provider we offer a results based solution.


To expand globally without compromising.


We provide excellent service and to be successful through determination and passion.

Our Values

  • Excellence in service
  •  Passion in our Purpose
  •  Integrity and Trust

Sales & Support


We provide a comprehensive outbound sales and support for products provided by DrWise Concierge. 

Simply Talk


VOIP And Work from home solution, we provided sales and and support. Product distribution. Inbound and Outbound

Financial Services: Experience for sales

We help companies grow.

Is your campaigns human-centered?

Lets us help.

Call Centre Infrastructure Solutions

We have the full solution with regards to any call centre related aspect. We provide all types of packages with regards to call centre set ups, we provide the PCs, Diallers, CRMs, Headsets etc. We do include our wide range of products with all our set ups which include profitable payouts. We also assist in the full training, mentorship and management on our products outsourced ensuring successful projects.